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Start Getting New Patients Who Show Up EVERY WEEK

and are CONSISTENTLY Buying $1,500-$5,000 Packages!

Our Programs Have Helped Offices Add 3-15 New Clients

Every Week WITHOUT Overspending on Paid Marketing or

Wasting Time Trying to Train Staff on How to do it.

They are leaving it to the experts...

With over 50 years in phone sales, phone support, marketing, sales, HR, and cold calling experience. We take those new, "DEAD" leads, and unworked leads and turn those into profits for your practice. 

We work with small to medium size cash-based practices. We take over the calls and turn it into a patient-generating machine.  How?  We take the incoming leads and work them in a complete follow-up system converting them into booked appointments.

We can even take all of your incoming calls and schedule them directly to your EMR.  

Our Services

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Call Hop (Turn Leads into Appointments)

Have more time to focus on the things that really matter - like treating your patients.

Start seeing more patients. From managing your existing calls to getting you new leads, we can help.  

Get to the root of the phone problems in your office. Whether it is poorly trained staff, not enough staff, or staff turnover, we'll get to the root of the problem and help you fix it.

Let our highly trained team answer your phones. Give patients a great first impression and we'll help generate quality new patients and appointments. 

Call Hop + Social

(Get Leads & Appointments)

Our Flagship "Call Hop + Social" Program has helped offices add 3-15 NEW clients every week WITHOUT overspending on paid marketing or wasting time trying to train staff how to do it. 


They are leaving it to the experts...

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Web Site Design + SEO

With fast turnaround times and advanced SEO and research, we can turn your website and SEO around in a matter of a few months. 

Training Programs

 Let us take your staff and turn them into polite, appointment machines.  


What if you could rid yourself of stressful follow-ups calls and focus on patients without worrying about staff training, websites, and marketing?

While your marketing department is constantly looking for useful information to act upon, they don’t always have up-to-the-second data. Meanwhile, your marketing call representatives are focused on simply collecting information, without the “big-picture” perspective needed to optimize sales-related opportunities.

Connecting these two endpoints of your advertising and call center isn’t just a nice to have; it’s critical to achieve enhanced customer service, gather timely data, exceed profit expectations, and scale your practice & marketing quickly, easily, and efficiently.


What Our Clients Say

"I have been working with Casey at Manageable Marketing Solutions for several years. Recently, I had her build me two new websites. She and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to provide great service to their customers. They are always available and respond quickly to all requests. Since our new websites have gone live, we have seen a significant increase in organic sales directly from our websites. Highly recommended for all website, social, and advertising needs."

-Eric Prestin, DC