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Our team is composed of proven executives with extensive healthcare, marketing, and customer experience. We are singularly focused on developing and delivering the practice appointments to promote growth, extensive customer service while making practices profitable from cash-based services.

Our Story

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Hi,  My name is Casey. 

I want to tell you a little about Manageable Marketing Solutions and how we got started.


In 2009 My husband of 7 years was diagnosed with cancer. During his Cancer, I could no longer keep up my full-time sales position. I was in Merchant Services & advertising sales for many years. I started in sales originally in 1999 and I was a top producer because of my ability to generate leads, set appointments, and market myself even during tough times. During his chemo and sickness, I was finding odd jobs online to make money while being able to be at home with him and manage as a mom as well. I felt so trapped in my situation.  

When he passed, I struggled for several months to pull myself together. I began to pursue my BS in Sales and Marketing, completed it in 2016 and went on to get an MBA in business. I had the skills but not the paperwork to back it up.

I have worked for many years in sales and marketing for many companies in a variety of different ways. One day I realized that I was going into businesses building up their clients and then leaving after processes had been put into place. When I realized that I said, "why not make a business of that? Why not teach people how to do these things for their own business? Why not teach people how to make their staff able to do these functions?"

One thing that I learned on this journey was you can try to teach the businesses how to do things but it still comes down to implementation. That is the part most practices and businesses struggle with daily.  With that in mind, we discovered the system that is more than just generating leads: we call them, schedule them, confirm the appointments, everything until the moment they walk into your office. What do you have to do on your end? Simple: help them the best you can. 


I truly have a passion for helping people grow their businesses and practices and i've gathered myself with a team that feels the same way I do. I genuinely want to see successful business people from the marketing ways I teach them or do for them and I want your experience with Manageable Marketing Solutions to be like you are working with a family member. 

I am really excited to work with you and getting to learn about your business or practice! 

Meet The Team

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Casey Whatley

Owner, Phone & Marketing Expert


Aspen Brown

Operations Manager & CRM Manager

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Andre Santos

Copywriter/ Ad Expert

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Nathaniel Ward

IT Support & Q C Manager


Harsimran Singh

Website Editing & Technical Implementations


Hasaan Masood

 Google Certified Ad Expert

Other Team Members



Manageable Marketing Solutions additionally employees several other people with a skill set of cold calling, lead generation, virtual assistance, design and much more. We are an industry leader in marketing and call centers.  

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