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Casey Whatley, MBA

Owner, Call and Marketing Expert

A Bit About Me

Hi, My name is Casey.  I have been working making calls since 2003.  When I went to interview for my first phone job I was this meek, timid young mother fearing going back to working in a furniture factory.  Feeling that I was doomed to do that for the rest of my life and destroy my body with all the physical requirements.  Fast forward to my interview I went in and like I said I was shy and timid.  The person interviewing me was this 6 foot plus man with a deep voice.  I was scared to death!  I did a terrible job reading his script. I mean absolutely terrible! He obviously didn't hire me.  

I had a 45-minute drive home.  The whole time thinking how can I go back to the factory tomorrow?  I arrived home.  I called back to the place I had just interviewed at.  I said "I was just in there and I am sure I can do your job.  I will come in the morning and work for FREE unless I get sales.  If I get sales you have to pay me your normal wage, not the training wage but the normal wage."  He agreed to my terms. I sold 4 ads that day and ended up working there for several years. To this day this same manager is my mentor.  He said no one had ever sold him on themselves like me.  He says I can sell anything over the phone to this day.

Nowadays I am the mother of 4 children.  2 girls and 2 boys with a wonderfully supportive husband.  The girls are grown one of them is our very own Aspen Brown who recently graduated college. We are located between Myrtle Beach, SC, and Wilmington, NC.  I obtained an MBA in business with my major in marketing.  I have been working in sales and marketing since 2003.  I worked in the merchant service industry for several years before moving to cash-based practices such as plastic surgery practice, naturopathic practices, chiropractors, and therapists. 

I would love to talk to you and talk about how we can help your practice or business make it to the next level.  

Talk soon!


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