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Late Payment Policy


Effective immediately payments not processed on the due date will result in the suspension of all services within 24 hours of the failed payment.


1. Websites and Landing Pages will not function.

2.  Call tracking lines will not work. (People calling in will reach a disconnected line)

3.  Appointment scheduling and confirmation will stop.

4.  Email and text marketing will stop.

5.  Ads will turn off immediately.

6.  Outgoing calls to incoming leads will stop.

7.  Advanced SEO will stop. (Blog post, in-site chat, backlink creation, and posting, Google site map, Google analytics, and messages) 

8.  Request to patients for reviews will stop.

9.  Social media content creation and posting will stop.

10.  And more...


A 5% late fee will apply immediately to cover the cost of the deactivation of services and costs incurred by vendors.


Payments not processed within 5 days of the renewal date will be deemed to be canceled.  At which point if the account is renewed a reactivation fee of $499 will apply. This will cover the cost to put everything back up.


This is not to deter any business from working with us but we can no longer work for free while paying the vendors.  Our costs are very reasonable and we would like to keep it that way. 


Plans can be broken down into weekly or bi-weekly payments if needed.

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