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How much should I follow up?

I can tell you almost no one likes making phone calls, but it is a necessary evil. All leads should be followed up with no less than 12 times. Wow, that number is huge is now days!

I remember when it was like 4 or 5 times. I guess all the lack a focus people have now with social media we have to keep reminding them over and over. Follow up should not only be call but, text, email and automation to do this as soon as your lead comes in.

You can get a CRM or auto responders connected to your website to make sure this happens with in a few minutes of the lead entering your system. Phone calls are still the tried-and-true method of follow that must be done and done more than one time. One phone call is not going to do it for you! It won't! Not including phone calls notice that is plural. You must make multiple phone calls. The message has to be consistent and warm. "Hi Suzie, this is Casey call from Dr. James’s office. I was calling to schedule the

consultation you had requested. I have Tuesday at 2pm and 4pm. Which of those is better for you?" If leaving a message, you will say something similar but leave the phone number, the email and so on. Do this over and over until they say no. This lead was already paid for so don't waste the money! I know your staff will not see it the same way you do. It is MONEY YOU SPENT why let it walk away?

So, in my opinion there is never too much follow up. You have to remember they opt-ed in and they can opt out at any time. If they opt-out that is fine, we just need an answer! Maybe they aren't ready yet! 50% of people are not ready yet, they are just looking around trying to get an idea of what is going on. The ones looking around that aren't ready shouldn't be discarded. They should be added to regular emails, so they don't forget who you are. Then when they are ready, they will reach out to you if you stay in their face!

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