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(Anything beyond this scope is billed at the rates above)

$599 per month for 3 posts per week, response to the post, messages, etc.  With a complete backend to a landing page, lead, or to purchase whichever you choose. 


$1249 per month for 3 posts per week and 1 active ad with a complete back end to a landing page, lead, or to purchase whichever you choose. Includes a CRM with your own login (Up to 5 Staff Members) Can include phone calls to follow up and book the leads as appointments for you (additional $499 with Phone calls) We set up all back end systems and provide your office with a dedicated inbound/outbound number that call be text too.


(All Call Hop calls are recorded and reviewed for quality assistance)

$499 per month (Lead Scheduling) We will take your incoming leads and schedule them for appointments. 

$749 per month (Inbound Only) Taking Your inbound office calls and scheduling them or take messages.

$950 per month (Inbound/Outbound) Taking Your inbound/making outbound calls to your leads to schedule and or take messages.

$1,499 per month (Inbound/Outbound/Appointment confirmation) This complete call center includes call tracking, call monitoring, a custom dashboard, a dedicated account partner.  Once per month progress calls.  


$599 plus ad budget-You provide the budget for Indeed and or other employment platforms and we will work with you to find several qualified candidates.  Vetting them through the interview process before sending them to you. (Screening 50 Resumes, Up to 5 Interviews)

Front Desk-Training $799-6 Weeks (Training, Includes Mystery Shopping, Call Screening and coaching)

Coaching Services Billed at $125 per hour Labor and work on marketing billed at $45 per hour.  Pre-paid packages can be created to reduce these rates.

Website Design

Website design and setup starts at $999 to set up with a $375 per month monthly maintenance fee.   1-year agreement required. Certain terms and conditions may apply to this service. This service requires a strategy call in order to purchase. (With any website design we can set up a landing page and google ad words and you cover your own budget. This would be an induvial price since this is more of customer service, not one size fits all.)



​Consulting-$3,500 or included in some packages.



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